Samsung ML-1630. Service Manual
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Samsung ML-1630. Service Manual


1. Precautions;
2. Product Specification and Feature (Model Comparison Table, Printer Components, etc);
   Samsung ML-1630 is roughly made up Main Controller and Operation Panel, SMPS / HVPS part and Engine Part. Main Controller uses Chorus2 for its ASIC, which is on chip micro controller and is composed of 1Mbyte Flash memory and 8Mbyte SDRAM to control 16Bit Bus. Chorus2 is operated by 66MHz Bus Clock thru internal PLL of 12MHz system Clock.
3. Disassembly;
4. Adjustment and Troubleshooting;
5. Exploded Views and Parts List;
6. System Diagram;
7. Reference Information (Tool for Troubleshooting, Toner Cartridge Criterion, Understanding for Model Code, etc).

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