Xerox WorkCentre 7220 / 7225. Service Manual
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Xerox WorkCentre 7220 / 7225. Service Manual

The Service Documentation is used in order to diagnose machine malfunctions, adjust components and has information which is used to maintain the product in superior operating condition. It is the controlling publication  for a service  call.  Information on  its  use  is found in the Introduction of the Service Documentation.

Section 1. Service Call Procedures.
This section contains procedures that determine what actions are to be taken during a service call on the Xerox WorkCentre 7220 / 7225 and in what sequence they are to be completed. This is the entry level for all service calls.

Section 2. Status Indicator RAPs.
This  section  contains  the  diagnostic  aids  for  troubleshooting  the  Fault  Code  and  non-Fault Code related faults (with the exception of image quality problems).

Section 3. Image Quality.
This section contains the diagnostic aids for troubleshooting any image quality problems, as well as image quality specifications and image defect samples.

Section 4. Repairs and Adjustments.
This section contains all the Adjustments and Repair procedures. Repairs  include  procedures  for  removal  and  replacement  of  parts  which  have  the  following special conditions:
- When there is a personnel or Xerox WorkCentre 7220 / 7225 safety issue.
- When removal or replacement cannot be determined from the exploded view of the Parts List.
- When there is a cleaning or a lubricating activity associated with the procedure.
- When the part requires an adjustment after replacement.
- When a special tool is required for removal or replacement.
Use the repair procedures for the correct order of removal and replacement, for warnings, cautions, and notes.

Adjustments include procedures for adjusting the parts that must be within specification for the correct operation of the system.
Use the adjustment procedures for the correct sequence of operation for specifications, warnings, cautions and notes.

Section 5. Parts Lists.
This section contains the Copier / Printer Parts List.

Section 6. General Procedures/Information.
This section contains General Procedures, Diagnostic Programs, and Copier / Printer Information.

Section 7. Wiring Data.
This section contains drawings, lists of plug/jack locations, and diagrams of the power distribution wire networks in the machine.  Block Schematic Diagrams are found in pdf format in the SGS.

The Service Call Procedures in Section 1 describe the sequence of activities used during the service call. The call must be entered using these procedures. Block Schematic Diagrams (BSDs) are included in Section 7 (Wiring Data) of the SGS. The BSDs  show  the  functional  relationship  of the  electrical  circuitry  to  any  mechanical,  or  nonmechanical, inputs or outputs throughout the machine. Inputs and outputs such as motor drive,
mechanical linkages, operator actions, and air flow are shown. The BSDs will provide an overall view of how the entire subsystem works. It should be noted that the BSDs no longer contain an Input Power Block referring to Chain 1. It will be necessary to refer to the Wirenets in order to trace a wire back to its source.

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