Canon iPF6100. Service Manual
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Canon iPF6100. Service Manual

This printer is capable of printing on A4- to A1-size cut sheets and its maximum print width is 24 inches. Canon iPF6100 is a desktop large-format printer twelve-colors (pigment-based colors) printer that can be used to print office documents as well as handy POP and posters. An auto roll feed unit is equipped for printing on roll media.

 A new 12-color pigmented ink formulation featuring additional three types of special-color inks (red, green, blue) and two types of gray ink varying in grayscale, "Lucia" prints on a variety of grades of paper, from glossy paper to art, mat and sign, with a high degree of coloring.
- Two types of black ink, vividly glossy "black ink" and "mat black ink" full of a sense of high quality, are loaded concurrently and are selected automatically to suit paper types. There is no need to manually change inks.
- BK (black) / GY (gray) / PGY (photo gray) ink are mainly used to offer a drastically enhanced power of halftoning, achieving an equivalent of the high picture quality of monochrome silver-salt films.
- One-inch wide printhead having 2,560 nozzles per color, which are twice as many as the those of the existing models. High-density printhead technology "FINE" that can satisfy both of beautiful and fast printing requirements of a high order is employed for accurate ejection of ultrasmall 4-pl drops of ink to the target positions. Prints with 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution can be made at a high speed.
- Imaging processor "L-COA" incorporated for high-speed image data processing. High-speed processing of 12-color, 2-bit large-size images and printer control for high-accuracy operation of high-density double head can be performed with a single chip.
- Support for roll media, manual feed from front, and manual feed from top (3-way paper supply). A maximum of 1.5 mm thick of paper (POP Board) can be manually fed from the front.
- Borderless printing on and auto cutting of roll media.
- Standard support for 10Base-T/100Base-TX. Standard support for USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. Optional support for IEEE1394.
- Data scanned using CanoScan can be easily printed on large-size paper just like a dedicated copier. Just pressing the Start button allows you to blow up an original of up to A3 size in collaboration with Canon Image RUNNER.
- Support for remote notification utility which is used to send an E-mail when an alarm or error occurs.

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