Epson AcuLaser C9100. Service Manual
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Epson AcuLaser C9100. Service Manual

Manual Contents:


This manual consists ofsix chapters and Appendix.
1. Product Descriptions;
Provides a general overview and specifications of the Epson AcuLaser C9100.
2. Operating Principles;
Describes the theory of electrical and mechanical operations of the product.
3. Troubleshooting;
Describes the step-by-step procedures for the troubleshooting.
4. Disassembly / Assembly;
Describes the step-by-step procedures for disassembling and assembling the Epson AcuLaser C9100.
5. Adjustment;
Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment.
   5.1 Overview;
      5.1.1 Instructions;
      5.1.2 Part/unit-based adjustment items;
   5.2 Adjustment;
      5.2.1 Color Registration Adjustment;
      5.2.2 Color Registration Check;
      5.2.3 Writing USB ID;
      5.2.4 Writing adjustment value;
      5.2.5 Controller Firmware Update;
      5.2.6 MCU Firmware Update;
6. Maintenance;
Provides preventive maintenance procedures and the lists of Epson-approved lubricants and adhesives required for servicing the Epson AcuLaser C9100.
Provides the following additional information for reference:
• Connector pin assignments
• Electric circuit boards components layout
• Electrical circuit boards schematics
• Exploded diagram & Parts List


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