Epson Artisan 725. User Guide
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Epson Artisan 725. User Guide


1. Using the Control Panel;
   Adjusting the Control Panel;
2. Loading Paper;
   Using Special Papers;
3. Placing Originals for Copying or Scanning;
4. Copying a Document or Photo;
   Copying a Document;
   Restoring, Cropping, or Copying Photos;
5. Printing From a Memory Card or External Drive;
   Inserting Your Camera’s Memory Card;
   Inserting a USB Flash Drive;
   Selecting and Printing Photos on Epson Artisan 725;
6. Printing from a Mobile Device;
   Printing a Photo Using Epson iPrint;
7. Printing From Your Computer;
   Printing in Windows;
   Printing With a Macintosh;
   Selecting the Correct Paper Type;
8. Scanning a Document or Photo;
   Quick Scanning With the Scan Button;
   Scanning With Epson Scan Software;
   Scanning With Mac OS X 10.6;
9. Maintaining Your Product;
   Checking the Print Head Nozzles;
   Cleaning the Print Head;
   Checking the Ink Levels;
   Purchasing Epson Ink Cartridges;
   Replacing Ink Cartridges;
10. Network Setup;
   Wireless Network Setup;
   Wired (Ethernet) Network Setup;
11. Solving Problems;
   Checking for Software Updates;
   Problems and Solutions;
   Where To Get Help;
12. Notices;
Copyright Notice.


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