HP CM8060 / CM8050 Color MFP. Service Manual
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HP CM8060 / CM8050 Color MFP. Service Manual


1. Product information;
2. Service approach;
3. Copier Diagnostic Field Tool (CDFT);
   This section introduces the two versions of the Copier Diagnostic Field Tool (CDFT) and how to start the tool.
4. Managing and maintenance;
   Preventive maintenance for the MFP involves the tracking of parts that can be serviced or replaced proactively by service personnel. Calculations based on actual customer usage and site environmental factors provide an intelligent estimate as to when specific hardware components will require attention. These maintenance tasks are monitored and performed as part of regular visits by service personnel, providing the customer the most uptime and highest reliability possible.
5. Calibrations and adjustments;
6. Removal and replacement;
   This chapter documents the removal and replacement of field replaceable units (FRUs) for the printer models and for the print engine system of the MFP. See Parts and diagrams on page for a list of FRUs. Replace parts in the reverse order of their removal. Directions for difficult or critical replacement procedures are included.
7. Troubleshooting;
8. Hardware fault trees;
9. Image-quality fault trees;
10. Parts and diagrams;
Appendix A. Event Log codes;
Appendix B. Wiring diagrams;
Appendix C. Timing charts;
Appendix D. Internal pages;
Appendix E. Voltage specification;
Appendix F Reference diagrams;

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