HP DesignJet T920 / T1500 / T2500 / T3500 series. Service Manual
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HP DesignJet T920 / T1500 / T2500 / T3500 series. Service Manual

This service manual contains information necessary to test, maintain, and service the following:
 - CR354A HP DesignJet T920 36-in ePrinter;
 - CR355A/B HP DesignJet T920 36-in PostScript ePrinter;
 - CR356A HP DesignJet T1500 36-in ePrinter;
 - CR357A/B HP DesignJet T1500 36-in PostScript;
 - CR358A HP DesignJet T2500 eMultifunction;
 - CR358A/B HP DesignJet T2500 PostScript eMultifunction;
 - B9E24A/B HP DesignJet T3500 Production eMFP.

1. Printer fundamentals;
2. Troubleshooting;
   The front panel;
   Service keys combination;
   Troubleshooting tree (HP DesignJet T920 and T1500 only);
   Product Troubleshooting trees (HP DesignJet T2500 and T3500 only);
   Scanner Troubleshooting Tree;
   Scanner CIS Troubleshooting;
   Paper handling problems;
   Ink supply problems;
   Print-quality problems;
   Connectivity problems;
   Scanning Problems;
   Firmware upgrades;
3. System error codes;
   What to do if the front panel fails to initialize;
   System error codes in brief;
   System error codes in full;
   Appendix A: How to troubleshoot system error 79:04 and 79.2:04;
   Appendix B: Updating firmware in boot mode;
   Appendix C: Obtaining the diagnostics package;
4. Diagnostics, Service Utilities and Calibrations;
5. Parts and diagrams;
6. Removal and installation;
7. Maintenance;
8. Customer Self Repair Flyers.

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