Sharp AR-C265P. Service Manual
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Sharp AR-C265P. Service Manual

This manual explains the maintenance methods for the Sharp AR-C265P.

The manual has been prepared for use by the maintenance personnel. For operating methods of the Sharp AR-C265P, refer to the corresponding user's manual.



1. Configuration;
2. Explanation of Operation;
3. Installation;
4. Replacement of Parts;
5. Maintenance Menus;
6. Periodical Maintenance;
7. Troubleshooting Procedures;
   I. Precautions Prior to Repair;
   II. Items to Be Checked Prior To Taking Action on Abnormal Images;
   III. Precautions When Taking Action on Abnormal Images;
   IV. Preparations for Troubleshooting;
   V. Troubleshooting Method;
      A. LCD message list;
      B. Preparing for troubleshooting;
      C. Image problem troubleshooting;
      D. Actions after forced initialization of HDD/Flash;
      E.Network Troubleshooting;
   VI. Check of Fuses;
8. Connection Diagrams.


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