Sharp AR-C360P. Service Manual
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Sharp AR-C360P. Service Manual

   This manual describes the procedures of the maintenance of the Sharp AR-C360P printer.
   The document is produced for maintenance personnel use.
   The parts used for the printers are sensitive and, if handled improperly, may be damaged.  It is strongly recommended that the products are maintained by maintenance men registered with Sharp Electronics Corporation.

1. Configuration;
2. Descriptions of Operations;
3. General Handling Operations;
4. Parts  Replacement;
   This section describes the parts in the field, assembly and the procedures to replace the parts, assembly and unit. Note that only the disassembling procedures are described to replace parts. To assemble parts, just follow the steps in reverse order of disassembling
5. Adjustment;
6. Routine  Replacement;
7. Malfunction  Repair  Procedure;
8. Connection Diagram
9. Interface  Specifications

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