Sharp MX-5500N / MX-6200N / MX-7000N. Service Manual
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Sharp MX-5500N / MX-6200N / MX-7000N. Service Manual


Note for Servicing;
1. Product Outline;
2. Specifications;
3. Consumable Parts;
4. Unpacking and Installation;
   For how to unpacking and installation, refer to the installation manual.
5. External View and Internal Structure;
6. Adjustments;
7. Simulation;
8. Self Diag and Trouble Code;
   When a trouble occurs in the machine or when the life of a consumable part is nearly expired or when the life is expired, the machine detects and displays it on the display section. This allows the user and the serviceman to take the suitable action. In case of a trouble, this  feature  notifies  the  occurrence  of  a  trouble  and  stops  the machine to minimize the damage.
9. Maintenance;
10. ROM Version-Up;
11. Electrical Section;
12. Others (Block diagram, actual wiring chart and signal list).

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