Xerox ColorQube 9303 Family. Service Manual
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Xerox ColorQube 9303 Family. Service Manual

The machine will be identified in this manual by the identifiers ColorQube 9301 / 9302 / 9303.
When a procedure, parts list description or other reference is unique amongst different speeds of machine, the appropriate speed range will be quoted. For example, 38ppm, 45ppm, 55ppm. Any artwork will also be specific.

1 Service Call Procedures.
2 Status Indicator Repair Analysis Procedures.
   This section contains the Repair Analysis Procedures (RAPs) and checkouts necessary to diagnose, isolate and repair faults other than image quality faults.
• The fault codes on the machine user interface are preceded with the number 3.
   For example a fault in the scanner might display 362-485-00on the user interface.
• This manual describes the procedure for the fault under the heading 62-485-00 Supply 12 Volts Error RAP.
3. Image Quality.
4. Repairs / Adjustments
   This section contains all the repair and adjustment procedures.
5. Parts List.
This section contains the detailed and illustrated spare parts list. Any part that is spared or that must be removed to access a spared part is illustrated.
6. General Procedures / Information.
7. Wiring Data.
8. Principles of Operation.

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