Xerox Phaser 3500. Service Manual
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Xerox Phaser 3500. Service Manual


1. Service Call Procedures;
   The service flowchart is an overview of the path a service technician should take, using this manual, to service the print engine and options.
2. Repair Analysis Procedures;
   This section covers troubleshooting procedures for the Xerox Phaser 3500 Laser Printer. When an error first occurs, record the error message and code and then cycle power to the printer to see if the error recurs. Be sure to follow the Service Call Procedures before servicing the printer. To troubleshoot image-quality problems, see image-quality Troubleshooting.
3. Image-Quality Troubleshooting;
4. Repairs and Adjustments;
   This section contains the removal and replacement procedures for selected parts of the printer according to the Service Parts List. Not all Replacement Procedures are included in this Service Manual. In most cases, to reinstall a part, simply reverse the Removal Procedure shown. In some instances, the Replacement Procedure is included, because it may contain
special steps. For specific assemblies and parts, see Parts List.
5. Parts List;
6. General Information and Specifications;
7. Wiring Data;
8. Theory of Operation.

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