Xerox Phaser 6200. Service Manual
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Xerox Phaser 6200. Service Manual



This Service Manual contains technical information for the Xerox Phaser 6200 Color Laser Printer, as well as complete Error Messages and Codes, Diagnostics, Disassembly / Reassembly (RRPs) procedures and a complete Field Replaceable Units (FRU) Parts List.

Frontis - Introductory, Safety and Regulatory Information;
This is the section you are reading at this moment. It contains important safety information regarding technical components, regulatory agency requirements and
information about the structure of this manual.
1. General Information;
This contains a general overview of the printer and basic information regarding printer specifications.
2. Error Messages and Codes;
Information regarding front panel error codes and image processor diagnostics and fatal messages in tabular form.
3. Troubleshooting;
This discusses the most common troubleshooting problems encountered with: Printer Performance Problems, Image-Quality Problems and Electrical Problems.
4. Tests, Adjustments and NVRAM;
This provides information on how to use the service test prints, color registration, margin calibrations and resetting NVRAM to assist in analyzing and fine
tuning printer performance.
5. Cleaning and Maintenance;
A quick guide to routine cleaning and maintenance for the Xerox Phaser 6200.
6. FRU Disassembly Removal and Replacement Procedures (RRPs);
This large provides many procedures and illustrations for removing and replacing key Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) within the print engine.
7. FRU Parts List;
This is the parts list for the Field Replaceable Units. This contains exploded views of the FRUs as well as part numbers for items available as FRUs.
8. Theory of Operation;
This covers the detailed processes for the printerís major assemblies: switches and sensors, drives and gears, and the paper path.
9. Plug/Jack Locator Maps;
This contains detailed Plug/Jack locator maps for all wiring harnesses within  the Xerox Phaser 6200.
10. Wiring Diagram;
The Master Wiring Diagram is contained in this chapter.


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