Xerox WorkCentre 3550. Service Manual
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Xerox WorkCentre 3550. Service Manual

The Xerox WorkCentre 3550 has been introduced. This is a variation of the Xerox Phaser 3635. Throughout this service manual, procedures and parts that are unique to either the Phaser 3635 family or the WorkCentre 3550 family will be designated 3635 or 3550.
This manual is part of a multinational service documentation system that is structured in the standard Xerox service manual format.
The service manual is the document used as theprimary information source for repairing and maintaining this family of products and isavailable as EDOC on a CD-ROM, or as a bookmarked PDF on CD-ROM. The information within the manual is divided into an introduction and eight other sections.

1. Service Call Procedures.
This section is used to start and complete a service call. The procedures in this section will either direct you to a Repair Analysis Procedure (RAP), or identify a faulty component or subassembly.
2. Status Indicator Repair Analysis Procedures.
This section contains the Repair AnalysisProcedures (RAPs) and checkouts necessary to diagnose, isolate and repair faults other than image quality faults.
3. Image Quality.
This section contains the Image Quality Repair Analysis Procedures (IQ RAPs), checkouts and setup procedures necessary to diagnose, isolate and repair image quality faults.
4. Repairs/Adjustments.
This section contains the instructions for removal, replacement, and adjustment of parts within the Xerox WorkCentre 3550.
5. Parts List.
This section contains the detailed and illustrated spare parts list. Any part that is spared or that must be removed to access a spared part is illustrated.
6. General Procedures / Information.
This section contains all other procedures,product specifications and general information.
7. Wiring Data.
This section contains the wiring diagrams.
8. Accessories.
This section contains details of any accessories that the machine may have.

Some plastic components have the manufactures component name molded on them. These component names have not been used in this manual.

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