Xerox WorkCentre 5021 / 5019. Service Manual
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Xerox WorkCentre 5021 / 5019. Service Manual

This manual is divided into 10 chapters as described below.

• Chapter 1 Service Call Procedure
This chapter describes the general work and servicing procedures for the maintenance of this product.
• Chapter 2 Troubleshooting
This chapter describes the troubleshooting procedures other than image quality troubleshooting for this product.
• Chapter 3 Image Quality Troubleshooting
This chapter describes the image quality troubleshooting procedures for this product.
• Chapter 4 Disassembly / Assembly and Adjustment
This chapter describes the disassembly, assembly, adjustment and replacement procedures for components of Xerox WorkCentre 5021 / 5019.
• Chapter 5 Parts List
This chapter contains the spare parts information for this product.
• Chapter 6 General
This chapter contains the following information.
   6.1  Specifications
   6.2 Tools / Service Consumables/Consumables
   6.3  Service Data
   6.4  Service Mode
• Chapter 7 Wiring Data
This chapter contains the information about the Wiring Connector List/Locations, the Wiring Data, and the BSD for this machine.
• Chapter 8 Accessories (not yet issued)
• Chapter 9 Installation/Removal
This  chapter  contains  the  installation  and  removal  procedures  for  this  product  and  the options that are specific to it.
• Chapter 10 Mechanism & Functions Overview (not yet issued)

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