Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual
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Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual

The Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual is the primary document used for repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the printer. Use this manual as your primary resource for understanding the operational characteristics of the printer and all available options. This manual describes specifications, theory, and the diagnosis and repair of problems occurring in the print engine and attached options. Also included are detailed replacement procedures, parts lists, and wiring diagrams.

The WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual contains these sections:
Introductory, Safety, and Regulatory Information: This section contains important safety information and regulatory requirements.
Section 1. General Information: This section contains an overview of the printer’s operation, configuration, specifications, and consumables.
Section 2. Theory of Operation: This section contains detailed functional information on the print engine components.
Section 3. Error Codes and Messages: This section provides detailed troubleshooting procedures for error messages and codes generated by resident diagnostics.
Section 4. General Troubleshooting: This section contains the operation of Power On Self Test (POST) and Service Diagnostics. In addition, this section includes troubleshooting methods for situations where error indicator is not available.
Section 5. Print-Quality Troubleshooting: This section focuses on techniques to correct image quality problems associated with the printer output.
Section 6. Adjustments and Calibrations: This section provides procedures for the adjustment of the print engine components.
Section 7. Cleaning and Maintenance: This section provides periodic cleaning procedures for the printer.
Section 8. Service Parts Disassembly: This section contains removal procedures for spare parts listed in the Parts List. A replacement procedure is included when necessary.
Section 9. Parts List: This section contains exploded views of the print engine and optional Field Replaceable Units (FRUs), as well as part numbers for orderable parts.
Section 10. Plug/Jack and Wiring Diagrams: This section contains the plug/jack locations and the wiring diagrams for the printer.
Appendix A. Reference: This section provides an illustration of the printer’s Control Panel menu structure, printer firmware update instructions, a list of printer error chain link codes, and a list of acronyms and abbreviations.

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