HP Designjet 3D Removal System. Service Guide
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HP Designjet 3D Removal System. Service Guide

This Service Guide is laid out in easy to follow sections that cover Set-up, Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. Read each section carefully so that you will get the best performance from your HP Designjet 3D Removal System. 

The system removes support material by immersing models in a bath of water with a specific amount of cleaning agent bags added to the cleaning agent receptacle. The system heats and circulates solution around the models in the cleaning tank. The solution dissolves the support material without harming the underlying model material. Over time, depending on geometry and the amount of support material, all the support material is dissolved and the models are ready to be removed, dried and used for their intended purpose.
The system incorporates the following functions:
• Automatic water fill
• User selectable cleaning tank level (half or full)
• Automatic water drain
• Automatic timing device for user selectable short, medium, or long cycles
• Automatic lock/unlock before and after cycling
• Automatic rinse and drain cycle


Download HP Designjet 3D Removal System. Service Guide


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